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Marianna Newman

Baiting Hollow, NY
  • Marianna Newman in the photo 1
  • Marianna Newman in the photo 2

On October 2, 2020, my husband Allan and I were hit in our car as a result of someone falling asleep at the wheel. There were three points of impact ending with us jumping a curb and smashing through a wooden wall. It was 4:20 in the afternoon and the sun was out. In an instant, our lives were changed. We were so grateful to be alive after such a frightening experience. After months of physical therapy, my x-rays proved that I was in need of a new hip. I saw my entire Ballroom Dance dreams flash before me. I was scared to have another joint replacement as I had experienced advanced osteoarthritis and had already had each knee replaced. I felt so very sad to be facing a major operation during the hardest times in healthcare. I needed elite care and an empathetic and brilliant surgeon who would understand my life goals. I can say today, almost 12 weeks post-op that Dr. Jonathan Vigdorchik was the absolute finest choice! He placed himself into my life to replace my damaged hip and to offer me HOPE to live my dreams! From the minute I met Dr. Vigdorchik, I knew he was going to be my surgeon and that he was going to see me through! He answered all of my questions. He was kind and patient and assertive in a kind manner. His ENTIRE team (Lisa) (all operating room professionals, support team members, PT, nurses...) from the very first moment to the entire operation and now weeks later helped me to believe that I would return to the Ballroom soon. My hospital stay was regal and I always felt safe and protected. I am forever grateful to all of you and to the entire HSS establishment for giving me my hip and allowing me to return to Ballroom Dancing my passion and my joy! Dr. Vigdorchik, there are not enough words to express how blessed and grateful I feel. Thank you from my heart. You will be part of every dance step I ever take! Thank you again!