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Maria Caro

Yonkers, NY
  • Maria Caro in the photo 1
  • Maria Caro in the photo 2

Maria’s patient relationship with HSS started 4 years ago, when she decided to visit NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, desperately looking for help to her long-term stress fracture in the neck of the femur on her right leg. At the emergency room, the physician referred Maria to HSS at NewYork-Presbyterian, at this time, Maria’s patient relationship started with the doctors at HSS. She received an exceptional care from each one of the staff involved before, during, and post-surgery.

Maria met Dr. Hansen during her yearly post-recovery visit at the clinic. She was fascinated that he remembered her from her last visit over a year ago. Immediately, Maria felt she was on great hand. He showed so much interest to know each detail of her activities to monitor her positive recovery.

Early this year, Maria scheduled a routine visit with Dr. Hansen to discuss a discomfort on her left leg this time. This time was not a difference, Dr. Hansen took the time to ask her as many questions as possible to better evaluate any possible condition that could possibly led to another stress fracture. He walked her to the checkout office to give instructions to schedule all necessary test as soon as possible. After the MRI was performed, he personally called her to schedule in-person visit to discuss the results of the MRI.

Unfortunately, the MRI confirmed the suspicion of another stress fracture. Dr. Hansen didn’t hesitate to start Maria’s healing process by using a pair of crutches to observe the possibility to avoid future surgery. Maria’s body refused to heal by its own, and a surgery took place.

The preparation for Maria’s second surgery was beyond expectation. Firstly, the HSS staff members were incredible by personally calling her to schedule all necessary test and preparation guidance prior surgery.

Secondly, the day of the surgery, Maria felt she was walking the red carpet to heal her injury. The staff at the check-in room were amazing sweat, professional, and unbelievable caring. A staff person escorted Maria to a short cut to the elevator, so she wouldn’t have to walk with crutches long hallways to reach the elevator. This gesture was an act of sensitivity towards one need.

Thirdly, the nurse at the pre-op and recovery room were superlative amazing. They showed devotion for their job, care for their patient and for the human person waiting for a surgery and to recover. They made the whole preparation and post-surgery process seamless and unforgettable.

Fourthly, Dr. Hansen visit at the pre-op room was reassuring. He reviewed the details of the surgery and the type of implants that would be planted on the femur. Dr. Hansen visited Maria at the recovery room to reassure the positive results of the surgery and provided post-operatory guidance. His detailed attention to his patient, only shows devotion for his commitment as a doctor.

Lastly, Maria continued having great experiences at each post-surgery visit at HSS. The front desk staff, the technicians at the x-ray room, the receiving nurses, and the staff at the check-out office were always professionals and shown that care for their patient.

Presently, Maria is attending her PT sessions at HSS. She is amazed to receive the same professionalism, charisma, and sensitivity from HSS personnel. Maria is progressing tremendously; she follows Dr. Hansen’s and PT’s guidance and looks forward to attending each session. She is able to ride a bike and weight training is incorporated to continue strengthen the hip. Her friends and family started commenting how she is walking much better.

Maria is very confident that soon, she will be able to incorporate running in her fitness routine. She was able to run after the first injury without any discomfort and this time around will be the same.

Maria lives in Westchester County, NY. She commutes early mornings to attend her appointments at HSS. The unconditional care she received at HSS is beyond imagination and worth the trip down to the city.

She is truly graceful that she got the opportunity to be one of the patients at HSS.