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Maria Ortiz

Miami, FL
  • Maria Ortiz in the photo 1

Dr. Sabrina Strickland and her team are absolutely amazing! I had a partial knee replacement in both knees and my mobility improved significantly, like night and day! I had my virtual appointments with her. She saw the x-rays and said, "I can do it", and I wanted to hug her right then!

Now, I look forward to do stairs and be more active, which I am! The suffering and the excruciating pain I used to have before are no more. Just sitting down or standing up was terrible! I wish I had done these so much sooner. The procedure was seamless. I live in Miami and flew in one day. The following day was the procedure. After surgery, I left in a cab, slept in my hotel (no pain at all), spent another day at the hotel just in case, and flew back with no problem on the third day. Easy! The picture of my knee was just a week after. Dr. Strickland is an amazing and knowledgeable professional who was to the point. Her team is super awesome too. This happened in 2021 and this past December I celebrated the anniversary of those days and I remember them with so much happiness, as they helped me recover to my old active self. The surgery didn't leave a big scar - the little thing that I have I would not change it compared to the immense benefit it brought me! If any of you are in pain when sitting down because of your knees, don't think more about it. Make an appointment and solve this right now! I'm for real.

Dr. Strickland, Meghan, D - I love you girls!