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María Andrea Abud

Mérida, Mexico
  • María Andrea Abud in the photo 1
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I was born with the Silver-Russell Syndrome and have been treated in Mexico City since I was 11 months old. At the age of 6 the fourth metatarsal on my right foot and the third and fourth metatarsal on my left foot stopped growing, a condition called brachymetatarsia. I didn’t like how my feet looked, so on February 2018 I visited Dr. Rozbruch and he told me that I needed surgery. That surgery consisted of putting an external fixator so that my bones could grow to the point that my feet would look normal. Now on May 2019 I have finished all the procedures and I’m really thankful of Dr. Rozbruch’s work. He was an amazing doctor, always making sure I was comfortable, happy and with no pain. I will forever be grateful of what he did for me. The results were amazing, now my feet look normal and I can show them off without being worried about how they look. This was an experience I don’t regret and that I’ll never forget. Thank for everything Dr. Rozbruch.