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Margaret Oliver

Jamaica, NY
  • Margaret Oliver in the photo 1

I first saw Dr. Goolsby in February, 2015 for hip pain. I got a cortisone shot on March 2, 2015, which did not work. The pain continued and I put off having surgery until after my vacations; one in May and one in July. I saw Dr. Goolsby on July 13, 2015 and told her I was ready to have my hip replacement surgery. She recommended four of her top surgeons and the first one was booked through September so I called the second one and got an appointment for August 5, 2015. That was Dr. Michael Parks. He was going on vacation for three weeks and I scheduled my surgery for the first appointment after his vacation. I had my surgery on September 1, 2015 and now I'm pain free. I'm like this whole new person just after five weeks after my surgery. I'm walking without my walking cane, but I still take it with me when I go outside because I don't want anyone bumping into me and ruin Dr. Parks' outstanding work. I'm planning to return to work within the next two weeks.

I also, had total knee replacement surgery on January 17, 2014 by Dr. Stephen Fealy and my knee is doing fine and pain free.

I want to thank all the doctors and their teams for both of my successful joint replacement surgery.

Margaret Oliver