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Margaret Hughes

Boynton Beach, FL
  • Margaret Hughes in the photo 1

I was born with bilateral hip dysplasia that was not discovered until I was walking and it was too late to correct. When I was 7 years old, I was admitted to HSS and put in traction for a few weeks but that did not change the position of my hips. I went on and grew up being able to ride my bike, play games, and walk and run (not fast!) like the rest of the kids. My first job was at McDonald's where I was on my feet for many 12 hour shifts with minor hip pain.

When I turned 50 I started to have consistent right hip pain that medication couldn't help. I went to a local orthopedist just looking for something for the pain and discomfort. He took x-rays, looked at them and said there was absolutely nothing he could do for me. He said he had never seen anyone with hips like mine and that most orthopedists would never see a patient that was actually functioning with hips in this position. Wow. I went home and emailed Dr. Mark Figgie who looked at my x-rays and scheduled an appointment. I saw Dr. Figgie in October 2010 and had my right hip surgery in April 2011. It was a very difficult surgery with an osteotomy, all the muscles had to be released and the correct location had to be created for my new hip. The surgery and recovery was very difficult with over a year of physical therapy. I started out with a 1/2" leg length discrepancy and wearing an insert in my left shoe. I continued working with a trainer 2-3 times a week and managed to reduce the leg length discrepancy.

Unfortunately I started to have some right thigh pain and we found that the hip had become loose. Back to Dr. Figgie who worked with Dr. Tim Wright and the Biomechanics Department to design and create a total custom hip for me. On September 2, 2016, I had my right hip revised. In November 2016, I was able to walk two miles pain free and without a limp! My waddle and leg length discrepancy is gone! At my follow-up visit in October 2017, Dr Figgie told me I was good for two years! Thank you Dr. Figgie, Dr. Wright, PT Steve Murray, and all the wonderful people at HSS! See you next year!