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Margaret Enloe

New York, NY
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I had an indoor rock climbing accident in Utah and fell about 25 feet. The morning of the accident, I had been using a gym to shoot basketballs. Needless to say, I was a very active person. The accident could have killed or paralyzed me but luckily I escaped with, among other things, a badly broken back and a crushed left heel which impacted other parts of my foot. My back had to be immediately operated on and the heel wound closed up. I consulted with Dr. Bostrom who had helped me out previously on some issues and, several weeks later, Dr. Roberts did the reconstructive surgery on my foot. There were months of recovery and a long hiatus from work. Eventually, after a lot of physical therapy and check-ups, I was able to walk again and get back to work. Eventually, I began to ski again, play tennis and hike. Throughout this ordeal, Dr. Roberts was a consummate professional who communicated well with me and my physical therapist. Equally important, he clearly knew what he was doing with his surgical tools. I would highly recommend him to anyone with an injured foot or ankle.

August 20, 2020:

In 2017, I had trouble with my right knee which turned out to be a meniscus tear. I went to Dr. Bostrom to have it treated and got a cortisone shot. Fortunately, this took care of the problem. In 2019, after returning from a hiking trip and playing tennis on hard court surfaces, my left meniscus was hurting badly and a cortisone shot did not take the pain away. Dr. Bostrom could have easily offered to do a laparoscopic repair but, instead, said that the results of such a surgery, and taking into account my age, were in the grey zone. Accordingly, he didn't recommend the surgery. Now, about 8-10 months later, my knee is feeling OK again and I am playing tennis on soft surfaces and am able to hike. I am grateful to Dr. Bostrom for being cautious. Many people think that surgeons only want to do surgery and will always recommend it. It is nice that doctors like Dr. Bostrom and others I have worked with at HSS are not trigger happy.