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Marci Goolsby

Hastings on Hudson, NY
  • Marci Goolsby in the photo 1

Today was the day! I went on my first run in three years after an ankle injury sidelined me from many activities. I had an ankle sprain that was the straw that broke the camel’s back showing my nephew how to do a reverse layup (oops). It came after many sprains playing college basketball years ago. Valiant efforts from Dr. Ryan Lingor and John Castro helped me through the acute phase. My attempts to run, however, brought recurrent pain and I had trouble walking on uneven surfaces due to instability. I then underwent surgery with Dr. Mark Drakos and physical therapy with Theresa Chiaia. Their tremendous efforts including months of creative and effective PT done virtually when the pandemic hit got me to this point. The skill of Dr. Drakos and therapy with “T” lived up to my high expectations and I am so grateful for the incredible care I have received from beginning to end. Huge thanks to all the staff who helped get me here.