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Marci Blackman

Brooklyn, NY
  • Marci Blackman in the photo 1

I am a lifelong athlete in my late 50s - college basketball player and avid cyclist, including a solo trip bike trip across the country.

Several years ago, I started experiencing acute pain in my right groin, which grew progressively worse over time. After about a year of physical therapy with little relief, I was diagnosed with advanced arthritis of both hips. Not long after, as the pain become debilitating on the right side, my left hip collapsed as well and I could barely walk. Although I still tried to ride my bike (bearing up under the pain), eventually the pain was so great and my range of motion so limited, I could no longer raise either leg high enough to mount my bike and was no longer able to ride. After a couple of false starts, I finally scheduled bilateral hip replacement surgery with Dr. Jonathan Vigdorchik.

In short, HSS and Dr. V. have given me my life back! The surgery went really well, and I was home from the hospital the very next day!

While some people may feel daunted at the idea of having both hips replaced at the same time, my recovery has been amazing and swift. While I did experience some stiffness, from the moment I woke up in the recovery room, I experienced NO pain! And although I was prescribed strong pain medication, I never needed it. For the stiffness, I iced and and took acetaminophen. All my physical therapists - at-home at first then at the clinic - have marveled at how much range of motion I had so soon after surgery.

Everyday, I felt stronger and stronger and just 6 weeks post-surgery (after being cleared by Dr. V.), I flew to Kauai and went on two 4+ mile hikes through canyons and up and down cliff faces, and swam in the ocean; my new bionic hips felt and continue to feel amazing! I have also been cleared to get back on my bike!

I am so, so grateful to Dr V. and his PA, Nikki, and Lisa and the rest of the team in his office for the care and expert treatment I received. It is truly a gift to be moving though life pain-free again!