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Marc Dubrow

Wainscott, NY
  • Marc Dubrow in the photo 1

On January 8th, Dr. Qureshi performed a lateral lumbar interbody fusion of the L2-L3 level of my spine. I was up and walked out of hospital on the same day. The surgery was so successful I started walking next day a minimum of 1/2 mile just to keep somewhat in shape. Prior to my surgery, my main physical activity was martial arts (Karate), which I practice at least 4-5 days a week. Just 4 weeks after the procedure, I am back in the Dojo teaching. Of course I am not "overdoing" my workouts as my fusion is not complete, but I have absolutely no pain, stiffness or any of the other symptoms from before surgery. Dr. Quershi was upfront, and very clear about the procedure before doing and absolutely phenomenal in his expertise in carrying it out. In the picture, that is me on the left 1 week after surgery participating in exam night for students! I am very pleased with the professionalism of both HSS and Dr. Quershi in getting me back in shape to carry on with my lifestyle.