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Mallory Passo

Middletown, NJ
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I was five years old when I tore my PCL in my left knee. I was jumping on the trampoline when I felt a pop in my knee and fell down crying. My mom rushed me to the local hospital immediately. The doctor thought it was just a sprain so I went home not able to walk or straighten my leg. After many weeks, I could walk again and straighten my leg. I went through Kindergarten and first grade with my knee giving me a lot of pain. We went to multiple doctors and I finally found out that I had a torn PCL, an osteochondritis dissecans and a discoid meniscus.

None of the doctors that I went to were giving me the treatment I needed to make it better. The doctors didn’t want to take the chance of hurting my growth plate so they had me wear a ton of braces and rest a lot. This meant that I had to take a break from softball. I could not participate in gym my whole second grade year!

I continued this for my third grade year as well. During this time, I went to HSS and met my two awesome doctors, Dr. Green and Dr. Warren who thought that they could help me with surgery to repair the PCL. We were going to wait until the fall to do this but the pain was so bad we couldn’t wait any longer. Finally on May 25, 2018 my doctors fixed me. I really want to thank my two doctors Dr. Warren and Dr. Green for everything they have done for me. It had been five long years of pain and thanks to them I can now be a regular kid. Eleven months ago, I could barely even stand, and now I am back on the softball field and Back in the Game!