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Maggie Messina

Albertson, NY
  • Maggie Messina in the photo 1

In January 2011, I received the worst news a professional martial artist could ever hear. After two failed knee surgeries I was told I would never kick again. The news came from a very respected orthopedic surgeon here in Nassau County.

I broke down in tears and suffered emotionally for several weeks. I had tried to practice without kicking and it sent me into a deep depression, one that I had never experienced before. This news I just could not accept. I began looking for the best orthopedic surgeon out there, which led me to Hospital for Special Surgery. I read about the high success rate of getting athletes back into the game.

In November of 2012 I went for my first visit and met Dr. Andrew Pearle. Immediately I felt his compassion and I began to have hope again. I kept praying “please tell me I’m gong to ok.” After scans and exams I heard what I prayed so hard for, Dr. Pearle stated with confidence that he could certainly get me back on track.

My husband Ray met with Dr. Pearle while I was in recovery. They had a brief conversation but Ray asked Dr. Pearle if I would regain the full use of my leg and was told “yes.” Ray knew the torment I was going through, and said to Dr. Pearle, "could you imagine never being able to do surgery again?…that’s what it’s been like for my wife."

Within a years time I was kicking again. I had taken my ability to a whole new level. At age 48, I went on to winning a gold medal for the USA and multiple titles at over a dozen national and international competitions throughout the world. I am stronger and better than ever. YES! I am at the TOP of my game at 48!

A few months later one of my top students tore his ACL and I made sure he only saw Dr. Pearle. Since then, he is at the top of his game as well! He and I traveled to Wales in August, 2015 to represent the USA and both brought home the GOLD!

Dr Andrew Pearle, THANK YOU! You have given me a new lease with my continued life long passion and career. You truly understood what I needed as an athlete. I am forever grateful for the passion you have for your work. The world can use you more of you.

Thank you to all the HSS staff! You guys rock.