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Madison Malachi

New York, NY
  • Madison Malachi in the photo 1
  • Madison Malachi in the photo 2

Hi, my name is Madison Malachi and this is my story. I dislocated my knee when I was walking out of my bedroom. My parents took me to HSS, where we met Dr. Fabricant to see what caused my knee to dislocate. Dr. Fabricant said when I dislocated my knee I also tore a ligament, and I needed to have surgery. Initially, I was not nervous about it. I had the surgery on January 12, 2018 and turns out I was a little nervous before I went in. The nurses assured me that I was in good hands. Dr. Fabricant put my knee back in place with three screws and a new ligament that he made. After surgery it was hard getting my knee back to its normal self. Recovery took a little bit longer than expected and I learned the body will take its time to heal itself. I had several check-ins with Dr. Fabricant and I went to physical therapy for about a year. At the end of December I was finished with physical therapy and by late March, Dr. Fabricant gave me the all clear!