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Madison Johnston

Lexington, KY
  • Madison Johnston in the photo 1
  • Madison Johnston in the photo 2

Following a softball injury to my right shoulder, my shoulder became extremely unstable. I had paralyzed my long thoracic nerve and broke my shoulder socket, but that went unrecognized for 6 months. Finally, my first surgeon operated on me. 2 weeks later, I was back to dislocating my shoulder every time I laughed, slept, sneezed, etc. This went on for 7 years, which led to bilateral shoulder instability, and accumulated 12 failed surgeries. I was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder during this time. At this point, I was told to give up on my plans of becoming a nurse, going back to any activities I once enjoyed, and that I would never have any type of "normal" life. I wasn't willing to accept that. Finally, I was connected with Dr. Warren and my life turned around. Dr. Warren took the time to understand what I wanted in life and really worked to come up with the best solution to get me there. He was very easy to trust and made it clear that he wasn't going to give up on me. 3 years later, I have had bilateral shoulder fusions by Dr. Warren. He made it possible for me to become a pediatric nurse and enjoy life again. For the first time in 9 years, I can really relax. I can't say enough about what Dr. Warren has done for me, but I can say he is responsible for giving me my life back.