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Madelyn Reitz

Williamsport, PA
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From the time I was 10, I suffered from back pain. I was not a normal kid in that way, and was told I was the youngest patient Dr. Kramskiy treated for back pain. Playing sports, sitting, and standing aggravated me. I was constantly in pain while just trying to live life normally. I sat and watched everything from the sidelines for years. Many professionals tried to help my pain so I could be a normal kid/teenager, but none were long-lasting until I went to HSS. Dr. Kramskiy significantly improved my way of life and helped me to live normally; eventually, I was joining my friends in activities and gym class rather than watching on the side. I am forever grateful for Dr. Kramskiy's treatment that has been beneficial, even years later. My back pain is currently very easy to manage. I can now do things I wouldn't have been able to do without HSS - like stand for 20 hours at the THON marathon of Penn State University, ride the world's longest over-water zip-line, assist in operating/loading my family's boat, go on hikes, and lift weights regularly in the gym. Being 19, living normally without too many physical restrictions is a blessing and a gift of medicine. HSS has inspired me to pursue a healthcare career so that I can help people who struggle just like I did. Thank you, Dr. Kramskiy and HSS!