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Lyudmila Vays

Eaton, NJ

I had my first complicated spinal surgery done locally in N. J. Recovery was very painful and instead of going forward i would make one step forward and two steps back. Drop foot, Arachnoiditis, nerve damages which affected bowel and bladder function. Six month later I was told by my surgeon that I can't work anymore. I lived every moment of my life with severe pain and simple move, walking or sitting brought more pain. I knew something is wrong and made an appointment with Dr. Cammisa. My first surgery was done on L-4, l-5, S-1. Dr. Cammisa decides to do revision surgery on previous area and to fuse L-2, L-3. The pain i was experienced on my upper spine got much better. He is very professional excellent surgeon. Unfortunately lumbar area still causing a lot of pain. A lot of hardware was used during surgery so who knows what causing so much pain and difficulty walking. I wish I would have my first surgery done by Dr. Cammisa also. Maybe all my problems would be behind me... Dr. Cammisa recommended me to follow up with Pain Mgmt Dr. Seth Waldman. Before I met Dr. Waldman I was very unhappy. I lost my wonderful job on Wall Street. Lost income and lost hope that I will be in charge of my life not the pain... Dr Waldman gave me wonderful check up. CT's, x-rays, blood work; than he sent me to Neurologist for consultation. He was on top of every appt or treatment I had. He performed lumbar epidurals and first time I felt relieve after shots. I had so many of them done locally which made matter worse but not even once offered any relieve. His hands are so gentle as well as his bedside manners. He is very professional, he taught me responsibilities regarding pain medications, he is hands on doctor who always says that I don't have to suffer, he can always help me. One time I had reaction to one of medication. I called Dr. Waldman's office off hours. He got back to me in less than 10 min, suggested to call for ambulance. I was at the hospital the whole day and Dr. Waldman was on a phone with local ER doctors until problem was resolved and I was released home. Next morning he called me at home to ask if I am ok. Doctors in ER told me that I am very lucky to have such wonderful doctors. He is not only a great specialist, not only knowledgeable doctor but he is a doctor at heart. Doctors like him born to be doctors. It's in their DNA. Unfortunately hard to meet not only a good doctor but a doctor with big heart who cares and listens. Thank you HSS to have such wonderful doctors.