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Lynne Walsh

Astoria, NY
  • Lynne Walsh in the photo 1

I started a new job and within a few weeks, I started to experience tingling and numbness in my pinky and ring fingers. A coworker suggested I get it checked out to be on the safe side and after speaking with the HSS Physician Referral Service, I had an appointment with HSS' Dr. Steve Lee. I saw him the next week and after a few short tests, he diagnosed me with cubital tunnel syndrome. "It's like carpal tunnel, but in your elbow" he explained. He suggested I see a therapist in the Hand Therapy Center who could help me adjust the ergonomics at my work station, which he said was the probable cause of my symptoms. A few days later, I saw a therapist who give me some great information on adjusting my desk and the way I sit. She also gave me a brace that i used for a few weeks. After seeing the people at HSS, I did some homework on cubital tunnel: if left untreated, I could have needed surgery! I'm happy to say that one year later, I am happy as can be at my ergonomically healthy desk and haven't had any need of any further examinations. If it weren't for the early and accurate diagnosis from Dr. Lee, I'd probably be recovering from surgery right now. I'm very pleased with my experience at HSS!