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Lynne Kushnir

Monsey, NY
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“How you move is who you are”

How we move is who we are. How we move is taken for granted until we can’t. Until we can’t walk a straight line on the beach, until we need a total right knee replacement. My name is Lynne Kushnir, and my HSS surgeon and his team performed a total knee replacement on October 15, 2020. I was petrified of losing the ability to dance, spin, do yoga or keep up with my rambunctious grandchildren.

Coming from a family of physicians, I kept hearing, “HSS is the best in the world.” What did that mean, the Best? Now, 4 weeks post-op, I have a range of motion of 100 degrees, can walk without a cane, and am confident in being a yogi again soon. Why does HSS have such a high success rate? Why is it "The Best”? Your People! You all work together for our good, like a perfectly well oiled and very rare machine.

From the first time I met my surgeon, his PA Konstantinos Ververos, and his most incredible nurse office manager Selina Cortez, who was always available, there was a continuity of care. It continues until today. I never felt alone, or embarrassed for voicing a concern. I could always call Selina. When I was in pain, she had the efficient PA Christine contact me, and she even took calls from my home care nurse, Nadia. Everyone participated in my successful outcome, Blanche in security when I entered HSS on the 15th, Pearl who cleaned my knee, anesthesiologist Dr. Liu, who made me laugh, to Francisco who moved me to my room, were all concerned with a similar outcome, a successful prognosis for their patient.

Your staff represents the highest standard of patient care. They are proud to be the integral part of HSS and its patients' success stories. They are the essence of your success. This is how I can move again and this is why HSS is "The Best".

Even now, when I think of my night nurse Whitney, and day nurse Alana, I want to cry. The confidence they instilled, the professionalism, sensitivity and knowledge they brought to my bedside when I was in the most pain, at my most vulnerable, and, especially with all the COVID-19 restrictions, totally alone.

I smile, when I think of physical therapist Jerome Smith, who helped me take those first steps, made me laugh and comprehensively answered the myriad of questions I asked. How Margo, the Jewish chaplain, made Friday night so lovely with her special box of goodies, even including a tablecloth.

Below is a list people that my family and I wish to thank, including our Aetna Liason who constantly calls for updates on my incredibly positive HSS experience. The list includes my home care nurse and physical therapist whose care was coordinated through Hannah Mathys, HSS acute care PT.

PA: Konstantinos Ververos

Office Manager: Selina Cortez

RN: Carolyn Howe

Security: Blanche

Knee cleaner: Pearl

Recovery Nurse: Aida Zarraga

Orthopedic resident: Dr. White

Dr Liu: anesthesiologist

Recovery nurses: Emily and Christine

Mover: Francisco

Night nurse: Whitney.

Case manager: Patricia

Asst. PA: Carla Smith

Day Nurse: Alanna

Assistant day nurse: Sharon

Charge Nurse: Kelly

Physical therapist: Jerome Smith

Jewish Chaplain: Margo

Asst nurse: Sharon Porter (brought ice)


Timothy Safos (Delivered items from reception)

Nurse assistant: Malka

Assistant nurse to Alanna: Suri

Assistant nurse: Janelle Lopez

HSS Westchester pre-op:

RN: Laura Giles and Schevonne DePass

Dr. Christine Yu

Acute care physical therapist: Hannah Mathys

My surgeon's PA: Christina

Jeanette: Aetna case manager

Home care:

PT: Mary Jean, Nurse: Nadia

Access physical therapy : Christine

It has been an honor to be treated by your professional family at the best center for orthopedic surgery in the world, HSS.

Sincerely, Lynne Kushnir