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Lyndall Heyer

Stowe, VT
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As a competitive alpine ski racer, a member of the US Ski Team in the 70s, and a professional ski racer after that on the WPSRT (Women's Pro Ski Racing Tour) for 10 years, I did a number on my hips. Recently I was playing tennis on 3 USTA league teams, cross country and alpine skiing in the winters and gardening and playing tennis in the summers - all the while playing, working and skiing with pain! I would even play tennis with ice packs stuck in my pants to ease the pain in my hips! I didn't know what kind of pain I was enduring until I had my right hip replaced by Dr. Su. Within one week I was mowing the lawn and within a month I was hiking. That was when I realized my other hip was now limiting me! So I had the second one done 3 months after the first and now, 6 weeks out, I am cross country skiing again with no hip pain!!! I went out today for almost an hour. Wonderful to be pain-free and able to bend over to pick things off the floor without pain and to sit without pain. Amazing!! Can't wait to garden and play tennis in the spring and summer.