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Lucy Van Slingerland

Pawling, NY

Dr. Darren Lebl is an amazing and talented surgeon. I was a runner and a few years ago started getting these awful headaches and neck aches. I was always told, either I had a sinus infection or was under too much stress. They'd pass but not after taking Aleve and not running for a few days. I'd run through the discomfort and pain as much as possible. Back in September of 2013 I had an awful headache, by far the worst I had experienced. Again pushing through it I went riding, (horses that is) something I had missed so much. I ended up jumping a nice line of fences, not something I couldn't do since I was a good rider. Went home that night and the headache was unbearable and the neck pain was even worse! I put up with it as I always did for a few days. Then I was in tears.

I went to my Neurologist right away. She sent me for an MRI that day. That evening she called me and told me to see a surgeon ASAP for an evaluation. Scary of course after she had told me about my spinal compression and herniated discs. I immediately called HSS. I went to see Dr. Lebl after a lot of research. What an amazing doctor. Not only was he so incredibly informative but so willing to answer my many questions. I scheduled the surgery for January 15th of 2014. Not an easy surgery but I must add I was able to swallow with no pain almost right away. I couldn't be happier. I am running, swimming, hiking, zip lining, feeling great! No more headaches, no neck pain. Dr. Lebl is an angel to me. I would recommend him to anyone needing surgery. I truly feel wonderful thanks to Dr. Lebl. Thank you, Lucy