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Lucy Arpino

St. James, NY

My hip pain became serious at age 54. I was told I would be a good candidate for hip replacement. I tried other alternative treatments - I had spinal injection to stop the pain and that worked for 8 months, but when the pain came back it was worse. After months of research and word of mouth recommendations I decided that the HSS was where I wanted to go. I contacted the hospital they gave me the names of surgeons who are expert in hip replacement. I met a woman who had Dr. Della Valle as her surgeon - she had had a wonderful experience. So I made an appointment & in one month it was done, the hospital was wonderful, the Drs. nursing staff, even the cleaning staff - I can't say enough about the care I received. It truly was not the easiest surgery I ever had & the recuperation is long but it was all worth it because I am out of pain.