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Lucinda Berninger

New York, NY
  • Lucinda Berninger in the photo 1

Dr. Carli and his staff could not have been more patient and kind with this 82 year old woman who was nervous and very scared about knee surgery. It was a five year journey for me to finally decide to bite the bullet and get one of my knees replaced. The operation was successful thanks to Dr Carli, and I am now six weeks into physical therapy. I am so pleased with the results and am now looking to have my other knee done as soon as possible. Dr. Carli always took the time to answered my many and I do mean many questions. I never felt rushed at my appointments or that my concerns were trivial. He helped me get to the point where I was finally comfortable with my decision to go ahead with the knee replacement. His staff, including Ryan, Shai, Lily, and Lexie, were most helpful in setting up appointments and x-rays, getting physical therapy, giving cortisone shots, and help in the screening room. The care that I received during my hospital stay at HSS was great. A million thanks to Dr. Carli, his staff and the staff at HSS.