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Lowell Graham

El Paso, TX
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If one can say that a medical and hospital experience was wonderful, this was it. I am a conductor and the use of my arms, especially my right arm (shoulder) is critical to my profession. I had an accident that impacted my right shoulder and on analysis I had two deeply torn tendons, one frayed tendon and a split bicep. Local recommendations were that I should have a total reverse shoulder replacement. The result of that would not be positive for total mobility needed for my profession. After some study I knew this was not for me. Of course, if that was the only solution, so be it, but I wanted other opinions. I was referred to Dr. Rodeo by another former patient (who is an MD also) and was graciously accepted. My wife and I flew from El Paso to NYC for the consultation. Dr. Rodeo and the staff were the epitome of professionalism. When he said he could “repair” my shoulder, not replace, that was the best news I had ever heard. Surgery was set two weeks following that consultation.

My experience from the moment arriving at HSS was amazing. Great people, great attitudes and a facility that is obviously cutting edge. Surgery was on a Friday morning; I was out and back in my hotel room that afternoon. We stayed the weekend and saw Dr. Rodeo on Monday morning for the follow-up. No issues. My wife and I were on a flight back to El Paso, TX that afternoon. Talk about a quick and efficient turnaround, this was it.

My recovery (I have been told by the local PT community) has been textbook. Yes, I am a driven patient, but I could not be more pleased with the result. I will be back in full form to resume my conducting/teaching responsibilities and guest appearances this fall. Simply, I could not be happier with the outcome. I give total credit and kudos to Dr. Rodeo, his office staff, the medical team and the great folks at HSS. Bravo to all. I am a fan! Thank you for all you do.