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Louis Giraldi

Staten Island, NY
  • Louis Giraldi in the photo 1

I found Dr. Debbi online and it was the best thing I've done. From the first interaction to my 6 week post-op checkup, I can't say enough about Dr Debbi. He is passionate about your care. Him and his team are with you every step to get you back TO YOU. I was reluctant and put off total knee replacement surgery for a very very long time. Today I realize that was a mistake. Dr. Debbi got me back to where I haven't been in years. He gave me back my quality of life. He went the extra mile for me. He knew my job was active and that I still worked out religiously. He will make sure you feel like the most important person and your health and care is priority one. People saw me a few weeks after surgery and could not believe how my procedure and recovery was at that point. And my response was Dr. Debbi and staff at HSS. Had I known how well it all would be, I would have had both done at same time but I was reluctant then. Not anymore! Nothing to worry about or fear when you put yourself in the best care, best facility and by far the best surgeon you can ever hope for. So, everyday I when I start and end my day I say quick thank you to Dr. Debbi.