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Lorenzo Carter

Atlanta, GA
  • Lorenzo Carter in the photo 1

I am from Atlanta, Georgia and currently playing football for the New York Giants. I have always loved football simply because it’s the ultimate team sport and everyone must put their trust in one another to accomplish a common goal of winning.

Last season, during the first drive of our game against Dallas, I was rushing the quarterback. After reaching the top of my rush, it felt like someone had kicked me, but when I looked back nobody was there, which scared me.

Initially, I didn’t want to believe that I was hurt and simply wanted to get taped up and get back out on the field. The doctors knew immediately that it was my Achilles, but they waited to tell me it was torn and would require surgery until after they performed the necessary tests. At first I was in shock, but that quickly turned to focusing on the road ahead as I knew it was going to be a grind to get back onto the field.

I am very happy that I chose HSS to perform my surgery because of the relationship I had built with Dr. Rodeo. He and Dr. Martin O’Malley, a foot and ankle surgeon at HSS that performed the surgery, laid out a clear recovery plan to make sure we were on the same page for my rehab. I really appreciate the continued support they have given me since my surgery, and I am happy to be back on the field playing the sport I love.