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Lora Sheff

New York, NY

My game is not a sport. It's the game of life. I have an autoimmune disease called myositis. My treatment includes oral prednisone and monthly infusions of IVIG. When I first got sick almost 20 years ago I was 44. I was an elementary school teacher but had to leave due to extreme weakness in my arms and legs. I could barely walk or bathe myself. I refused to just give in to the disease and view my life as over. I was determined to find something to do that could keep me connected to the world around me and follow a passion.

That passion was art. After never picking up a brush since kindergarten I decided to give it a go. I fell in love and 7 years later I am still at it. When I am painting at home it's like I am meditating because I am very in the moment. I can feel my stress level reduce and I'm not thinking about being sick. When I take a class I am with like minded people and I feel connected to people and the world. I have made good artist friends,go to art openings in galleries and museums and take art history. I have a website but give most of my work away to the people who come to the infusion unit and the infusion nurses. I enjoy knowing that my art puts a smile on people's faces. I plan to learn all I can about making art and sharing it with the world. This is how I got back in to the game of life.