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Lois Nesbitt

New York, NY
  • Lois Nesbitt in the photo 1

As a yoga teacher with an acrobatic practice, I came to HSS with osteoarthritis in my right hip that was so severe I was limping, crawling up stairs, and watching my yoga repertoire diminish daily. All of the doctors concluded that a total hip replacement was my only option. Not knowing how mobile I would be afterward, I was of course concerned for my personal practice and my career teaching yoga and training yoga teachers. I needn't have worried! My surgery with Dr. David Mayman at HSS was 100% successful. With a day or two I was walking around my West Village neighborhood not needing a cane. Five days later I resumed my yoga practice and started physical therapy with a truly gifted PT who moved me along a lightning speed. (I also went home and practiced his exercises for an hour each day!) Both Dr. Mayman and my PT were astounded at the speed of my recovery. 8 weeks after surgery I traveled to China for three weeks of leading yoga teacher trainings, 7 hours a day, no days off. I had the stamina and strength to sail through it, and every day I gained more strength, flexibility, and courage to try the more advanced poses. I've posted one here; many more available on www.loisnesbittyoga.com. And while I was recouping, I also had time to work on my art and design projects (visit LoisNesbittArt.com) I am forever grateful for the kind, cooperative, cheerful, and topnotch care I received from my surgeon and the entire staff of HSS for restoring me to the body I love.