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Lloyd Silverman

New York, NY
  • Lloyd Silverman in the photo 1

I have had numerous surgeries in my 69 years. I have had total knee replacements on both sides, two total hips, 3 Achilles surgeries, a left ankle and 2 right ankle surgeries with screws and plates, 12 broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a hip revision surgery. All surgeries had previously taken place in San Francisco with highly regarded surgeons. When looking for a surgeon for this most recent surgery, I was set on a young, cutting-edge doctor who employed state-of-the-art technology. I asked an accomplished PT friend who suggested Dr. Debbi. We met, and he was deeply engaging, confident and very kind. I agreed to the surgery, and although it was painful as expected, it was a far less traumatic journey than the one I remember 12 years ago. Thank you Dr. Debbi for your skills, proficiency and thoughtful approach to modern medicine.