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Lisa Ziegler

Fresh Meadows, NY

I had arthroscopic surgery for a torn labrum and bone spur back on March 2012 with a doctor from Long Island and all was going fine. Well after a couple of months, I started having pain and stiffness. I went back to my doctor and he said it's the arthritis and I needed to rest more and get off my feet. I have two kids and I am a busy mom. How is that possible? In September, he gave me a cortisone injection and I was good for 3 days and then I was terrible I could hardly walk. I was in a extreme amount of pain with every step I took. I went back on my crutches to help with the pain and started using a cane again. My friend recommend me to Dr. Buly at HSS and I went to see him in October and I found out I have hip dysplasia and severe osteoarthritis in my right hip. I was so impressed with how much time Dr. Buly took with me and explained everything in detail to me and what my options were. I had also seen two other doctors at HSS but I really loved Dr. Buly who took his time and explained to me why this was happening to me and how he would fix it with a Total Hip Replacement, which made me nervous because I am only 43 years old but, right now I have quality of life. I can't do anything I used to do and as I was total by my previous doctor. I would have to change my lifestyle because of my arthritis. He never told me I had hip dysplasia either. I guess he did not pick that up and Dr. Buly did right away. I am scheduled for surgery Dec. 6, 2012 with Dr. Buly and I am looking forward in getting my life back so I can walk with out pain, dance, ski, and all the fun things I use to do like Zumba.