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Lisa Thomas

Belleville, NJ
  • Lisa Thomas in the photo 1

I was unable to sleep for months and being a banker in the neighborhood I told my story to a few of my clients who told me, “If you are having surgery do not go anywhere else but HSS." Not very happy with the orthopedic doctor in my PCP’s office I got the phone number to this hospital and made an appointment. At my appointment I told Dr. Allen, "I am tired of being in pain and not sleeping", to which he calmly said, "Do not worry I will take care of you." And that is exactly what he did.

Everything about my experience was nothing but the best professional service that I have ever received. When I returned to work almost pain-free, feeling like a brand new person, I had only praise for the top of the line service that I received from this establishment (HSS).

Thank you to all involved in my shoulder surgery and recovery process.