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Lisa Pines

Brooklyn, NY
  • Lisa Pines in the photo 1

The caudal epidural Dr. Beatty gave me was life changing. For many years I have had pain and stiffness in my hips and back, a combination of arthritis, vanishing cartilage and just age-related wear and tear. This Fall, it became acute. I was starting to walk like an old person, but I think of myself as a vigorous 64 year old, and now I am again. The stiffness is completely gone and the hip pain has improved. When my son saw me for the first time in a few month's he said, "Mom, you walk better than you have in the last ten years."

The injection itself is a somewhat uncomfortable and yucky procedure, but I felt better a week later and continued to improve. Dr. Beatty was very thorough and explained all my options, carefully studied and explained my x-rays and MRIs, and he never made me feel old. I also saw his colleague, Dr. Nguyen, before she went on maternity leave and she was very thorough explaining all that was going on with my hips. She made me feel good - plus she has a great sense of humor. I can't recommend the Physiatry Department at HSS enough.

And now we are on the road again, heading to Mexico City tomorrow morning!