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Lisa Peoples

Durham, NC
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I was a 62 year old high level athlete for life. I spent every free minute trail running, cycling, paddle boarding and kayaking until I hurt my back surfing. I underwent a two level lumbar fusion at another reputable teaching hospital (where I also work) with unfortunate results. Poor surgical technique and no post-op care led me to lose a year of my life with severe back pain and disability. I had to chose between work and life, I couldn’t have both.

A friend's suggestion of another opinion plagued my mind. You just don’t leave where you work. I searched for many weeks for the best spine surgeon in the country and Dr. Albert kept coming up.

My experience with every person along the way at HSS was fantastic. This is one impressive team like I have never met. Dr. Albert is compassionate, professional, confident and just a nice man. At first visit he immediately knew the problem that others couldn’t see. He promised he would “give me my life back." I left knowing that he would. My surgery at HSS was an amazing experience and I will always go there for orthopedic care.

It is now 6 months post-op from spine fusion revision and I’m finally myself again, doing most of what I want. No more ice, meds or lying down. I’m cycling, hiking, paddling and even starting to run again. Dr. Albert was confident and he made it happen. It was a totally different experience this time. I thank not only him, but his PA Natisha as well as Betsy and Justin who answered many phone calls and emails. They are a professional team and I credit all of them for getting my quality of life back.