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Lisa Matturro

Bethel, CT
  • Lisa Matturro in the photo 1

I was referred to Dr. Blaine when my left arm lost all strength and I could barely move it. I had a previous reverse shoulder replacement and the surgeon who performed the procedure did an x-ray, MRI and EMG. After viewing the results, he said nothing was showing a reason for this and he wouldn’t go back in to explore and find an explanation. Dr. Blaine looked at the tests and examined my arm. He said there was obviously a problem and needed time to get a plan. He called within a week and explained it fully. Surgery was booked and done. As soon as surgery was over I had no pain. After following the doctor's instructions when the sling was removed I had full use of my arm. Dr. Blaine said it goes to show a test might not give the answers and you have to listen to the patient. I owe the use of my left arm to Dr. Blaine and his team. I will be forever grateful.