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Lisa Filippi

Northport, NY
  • Lisa Filippi in the photo 1

I had only had hip pain for a few months, but when Dr. Rodriguez saw my x-rays, he knew right away that I would need a total right hip replacement. My surgery was scheduled for April 21st, but was canceled because of COVID-19. I was disappointed, but my goal was to stay as fit as I could until the surgery (whenever it was rescheduled to) so that I would have the best chance at a speedy and full recovery afterward. I did Pilates three times a week, just what I was able to do with the hip pain, and when I got the call that I could have my surgery on May 20th, I was delighted. I went in for my pre-op on the 15th, and was so impressed with all the COVID precautions. I felt totally safe and confident that I would be well taken care of. On the day of my surgery, just before the surgery, Dr. Rodriguez came to speak with me and we decided that I should be able to go home the same day. After the surgery, I was very well attended to by all the staff on the team. They had me up and walking within an hour, and showed me how to climb stairs with the crutches, etc. I was on my way home by 5:00 pm. Of course, my leg was swollen and felt like a led balloon for a few days. All normal. I read through all the instructions, and started my exercises right away. Did what I was told! I actually did a good bit more reps of the exercises than I was supposed to, but not more than I could handle, and was walking with a cane in a week and unaided by 2 1/2 weeks. In fact, I recall that I posted a video on Facebook of me doing karate kata at three weeks post-op! I was very good about doing my exercises, and that is so important! Now it is over a year later, and I can do anything that I could do before the hip problem. Dr. Rodriguez and his staff, and the entire hospital family were terrific! Thank you! 65 years (almost) young!