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Linna Roemer

Piscataway, NJ
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I fell on the ice and hurt my right hip. The pain caused me to often have trouble falling asleep, limping, having difficulty getting out of 300 feet, and being unable to practice Tai Chi (I am a Tai Chi instructor). I needed hip replacement surgery. This was an important decision in my life and required some time to think about. After suffering for ten years, I found Dr. Ast from HSS, the best orthopedic hospital. He uses high-tech aids for surgery to ensure accuracy, which made me very confident in him.

On August 8, 2019, Dr. Ast performed total right hip replacement surgery. The surgery was perfect. Although he told me that the purpose of this surgery is to relieve the pain of the patient and restore normal life, I might not be able to do some special Tai Chi movements that I hope. But look at the pictures, it is two years after the surgery, and my wishes have come true! Now I am the Tai Chi instructor at Robert Wood Johnson and Princeton Fitness & Wellness Centers. I can also hike.

Dr. Ast always encouraged me, and told me that my artificial joint can be used for the rest of my life! That is incredible! Thank you deeply, Dr. Ast! I can't express my deep gratitude to him in words.