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Linghua Ji

Shanghai, China
  • Linghua Ji in the photo 1
  • Linghua Ji in the photo 2

I was having pain in both knees for almost 10 years, and I started falling suddenly without notice over the last few years. My friends and family were all concerned about me since it was dangerous when I went out alone. I was thinking about going back to China for treatment since I do not speak English here. Luckily, my daughter introduced me to HSS (where they also provide language services). That was the best decision ever and completely saved my life!

Dr. Ranawat is professional, supportive, and the very best in knee replacement. He calmed my fears and concerns before my procedure. Last year, I did my first knee replacement. Dr. Yee gave me a very thorough pre-surgical checkup and he visited me almost every day during my inpatient stay. I was so comfortable with him and the other HSS team members- it was a great experience. I recovered so well and I did my other knee replacement just two months ago. By the second day after surgery, I was already walking long distances with a good pace. The PT staff even joked with my daughter, saying that they couldn’t keep up with me when I was doing my therapy!

HSS is an incredible hospital and it changed my life. The possibility that I might be confined to a wheelchair was probable. Now I can finally walk normally. Thanks so much HSS!

Linghua Ji


(Translated by daughter)

Chinese Translation: