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Linda Guilmette

Floral Park, NY
  • Foot Injury/Condition
  • Linda Guilmette in the photo 1
  • Linda Guilmette in the photo 2

The best way to describe my experience with HSS and Dr. Austin Fragomen is to say I wake up each day and say it’s a miracle. Forty two years ago I broke my foot in half. I almost lost it, but the doctors saved it. The last 42 years have been a steady decline. I have seen many doctors over the years. No one wanted to operate fearing they would make things worse. I have very bad osteoarthritis that traveled from the foot to the ankle deforming both. For the last 27 years I wore an AFO brace to try and stabilize the ankle. This helped for a while. But the last five years have been very hard. The foot started to turn and I was walking on the side of my foot and in pain all the time. I contacted the HSS Foot and Ankle department and after reviewing my medical records I was referred to Dr. Fragomen. I will forever be grateful for the referral. Dr. Fragomen looked at my medical records and did some x-rays and said he could help me. No one had said that before. He explained that he wouldn’t be able to make me 100% better but thought at least 65% better. Today I am 85% better! I am not in constant pain, actually I have very little pain and am not wearing a brace anymore. I have my life back. I’m playing golf with little or no pain. It’s not yet a year since my surgery and I am still improving. I thank everyone at HSS and especially Dr. Fragomen for my miracle!