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Linda Cusumano

Patchogue, NY

Hello, my name is Linda Cusumano. I live on Long Island in New York. I have been a professional singer/pianist most of my life. I play all types of music but specialize in jazz. In 2016 I began experiencing pain in my fingers. However the worst pain and swelling came from my right hand (ring finger). I visited a hand specialist near me and was given a shot to reduce the pain & swelling, however by 2017 the pain returned. I began icing my finger after every gig and returned to my specialist and he gave my another shot. That didn’t last very long. I told a friend of mine and she did some research and found Dr. Scott Wolfe at HSS. She told me to go to him. I did and he saw that the cartilage was almost gone and I had degenerative arthritis and I needed surgery. He made everything clear of what was available to me. What I loved about Dr. Wolfe was he asked me the right questions about my life as a musician. I saw my career as a pianist coming to an end but he asked me how I played and I showed him a video of one of my performances and he decided the best way to go would be to do arthroplasty surgery so I would not lose the mobility in my finger. I had the surgery on November 27, 2018, it is now May 2019 and I am back performing again. While I know ultimately it is due to God’s amazing grace, it’s with a grateful heart I thank Dr. Wolfe and his wonderful staff at HSS.