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Libbey Eicher

Archbold, OH

In April of 2005 I was first diagnosed with a mild form of idiopathic scoliosis and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon in Toledo, Ohio, which is near where I'm from. In a five month period of time, my scoliosis progressed quite rapidly to the point that the spinal fusion surgery to correct my curve was quite necessary which I had done in May of 2006 when I was 16 years old. After that surgery, I had three more corrective spine surgeries in two years time. I was getting very discouraged because I felt like with each surgery my spine was getting worse. I was in a back brace all the time and was embarrassed to have it off in front of my family because of how much I leaned to my right. Nearly three years ago I began to think that I would be in pain and crooked for the rest of my life but after a twist of events, we found Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei at HSS. Not only is Dr. Boachie a world-renowned spinal surgeon, but he also devotes his time to performing spinal surgeries to the people in Ghana, where he is originally from. This is one of the reasons I felt he was the right surgeon for me because I also have a heart for Africa and mission work. In June of 2009, Dr. Boachie performed two spinal surgeries on me a week apart, and in December of 2010 I had another spine surgery to trim down my instrumentation. I would not be standing straight and free from my back brace if it wasn't for Dr. Boachie and all the caring personnel I came in contact with at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Because of all the surgeries, I have been dealing with chronic lower back pain, and first saw Dr. Daniel Richman, who has been fantastic as well and has tried, with injections to get to the bottom of my back pain. I have also recently published a book called "Standing Up To Scoliosis" which tells of my many experiences. Hospital for Special Surgery has given me hope to live my life again, and I am so grateful for all those who were and continue to be involved in my care!