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Leslie Wallace

Morganton, NC
  • Leslie Wallace in the photo 1

I fell and broke my neck in 2 places on 12/16/18. I live in NC and my local hospital was not able to provide the proper care. Emergency surgery was performed in Asheville, NC the same day. Recovery was a nightmare. A check up in January revealed that 2 of the screws had dislodged from the bones. I had a 2nd surgery at the same hospital with the same surgeon. In April 2019, a new x-ray revealed that the same 2 screws dislodged once again. Surgeon told me I needed a 3rd surgery. I refused to do it in NC. A dear friend of mine had spinal surgery at HSS with Dr. James Farmer. I flew to NY & had an appointment in February 2020 with Dr. Farmer. He examined me and was very honest that I needed a very delicate and somewhat dangerous repair. He asked Dr. Han Jo Kim into the exam room. Dr. Kim told me he could do the surgery and repair the damage. I was so thankful to hear this. Then COVID-19 hit. I was unable to get to surgery until August 26th, 2020. This surgery was 100% successful and I just got word today, Sept. 21, that I can fly home and resume my life. I suffered unbearable pain from 12/16/18 until 08/25/20. I lead a very active life, run my own mini-farm and take care of all my animals myself. All I can tell anyone that has issues with spines, knees, hips, please, make an appointment at HSS and get back to your life. God Bless Dr. Kim, all the nursing staff, PT, OT and anyone else that helped me along the way. THANK YOU.