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Lesley Hamilton

Charlottesville, VA
  • Lesley Hamilton in the photo 1

I have always been active and involved in a number of sports/activities - tennis, racquetball, running, volleyball, pickleball, biking. My knees became successively damaged beyond repair, culminating in a year when I could no longer play any sport and had issues with one knee randomly giving way, making even stairs a challenge. I had two knee replacements in Fall 2014, 10 weeks apart and did very well recovering from both of them with excellent treatment at HSS followed by rigorous PT back in Charlottesville. Within 3 months of the second replacement I was back on the pickleball court and began riding my bike in the Spring. Just after the one-year mark for my first replacement, I went on a vacation in France that included 6 days of biking in the Loire Valley and an additional 8 days of exploring the French Riviera. During this time we covered over 250 miles of France on bike and foot. Best vacation I have taken in years thanks to the lack of pain and the fantastic increase in my mobility. Everyone is amazed at how well I did with the whole process and I make sure to tell them why I went to HSS and how great my surgeon and the hospital staff were - from beginning to end. The best decision I ever made. THANK YOU!