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Les DelPizzo

Baltimore, MD
  • Les DelPizzo in the photo 1

When my shoulder popped in 2011, I feared I would have to limit or eliminate my tennis activity. Dr. Cordasco and his team got me back in the game, repairing my rotor cuff tear and my biceps. They referred me to a great PT resource and I was back in the game in six months.

When an old ankle injury became a painful foot and ankle issue, completely taking me off the courts in 2015, Dr. David Levine essentially reconstructed my left foot. Back on the court by May 2016, supported by a light ankle brace, I am at full speed--running and jumping with abandon and at my previous level of athletic performance. Which is a good thing, since my athleticism is all I have. My strokes suck--as my coach will attest, but I played 4-6 times a week through the summer and now play 4-5 times a month during indoor season.

I won't earn my living on the courts, but tennis is a key part of my life--physically and socially--and contributes to my fitness and high function, to say nothing about my enjoyment. Martha and I intend to play as long as we can and the HSS professionals have greatly extended that horizon.