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Leonid Lemmer

Fort Lee, NJ

The pain came suddenly in my left shoulder. I had difficulty sleeping on the left side. I suspected right away that is was a tear and dreaded going through another surgery. I had my right shoulder fixed 4-5 years ago and recovery was very slow and difficult. It was done by another doctor who's name I am not going to mention.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gregory S. DiFelice. Sure enough the MRI showed it was a big tear. September 1st I had surgery. My recovery was surprisingly quick. After a first month I started physical therapy. After a 3rd month my shoulder strength was back to 80%. Today at the end of the 4th month I am almost 100% back. Some of the trainers at the gym seeing my results did not believe I had a tear.

I attribute my speedy recovery first and foremost to an amazing surgery performed by Dr. Gregory S. DiFelice. Special thanks go to the hospital staff and my physical therapists.