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Leonard Khazan

Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Leonard Khazan in the photo 1

I give my highest recommendations for Dr. Michael Cross. He is an extraordinary orthopedic surgeon, a very caring and attentive doctor with a bright and wonderful personality.

In 1997 in a car accident I broke my pelvis. The surgeon put the bones together by two metal plates and a number of screws. He said that in a few years I would develop osteoarthritis. Nineteen years later, exactly as he had predicted, the cartilage was completely gone and the arthritis became so painful that I barely could walk and perform my work that required me standing on my feet for six hours a day (I am a teacher). Several surgeons I went to said that I needed a total hip replacement but, because the plates and screws blocked the access to the joint, they had to be removed and then reinstalled back after the hip replacement. That made it a pretty invasive procedure.

Only Dr. Cross said that he would replace the hip without removing the plates, removing just those one or two screws that happened to be on his path, He was completely confident with the outcome and said that I would be very happy with my new hip.

Dr. Cross did much better than he promised - he mastered to replace the hip without removing a single screw! The job was fantastic. Three weeks after the surgery I resumed full time teaching, standing on my feet for hours pain free! I am indeed very happy and feel very fortunate that I found Dr. Cross. He is a true magician.

I also give the highest grades Austin Cavelli – physician assistant to Dr. Cross, his practice manager Selina Cortez, anesthesiologist Dr. Kumar for their perfect work and the entire Hospital for Special Surgery for its excellent staff and remarkable care.