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Leonard Hershman

Ossinig, NY
  • Leonard Hershman in the photo 1

Dr. Seth Jerabek (heretofore Dr. J - my Hall of Famer), his team, and HSS are phenomenal. I thank God everyday for them, their hard LIFELONG work, studies, and commitment, and the people with the insight, vision, and incredible knowledge to create and execute this process.

My left knee was injured in 1974 playing basketball and the cartilage was just removed. Eighteen years later, after all manner of sports at hard schoolyards and gyms in Brooklyn, the right knee had to have arthroscopic surgery. Another 20 years of basketball, tennis, biking, bowling, football, softball (some times many on the same day), walking any distance as well as going up and down stairs became an issue - had to go sideways backwards and or one step at a time - and standing for more than a few minutes was a problem. Standing from a seated position was painful. I used every shortcut to cut down steps and the number of times I would have to get up, if possible.

As you can see from the before picture, I was a mess! Bones bowed out, severe arthritis, no cartilage! Dr. J saw the photos and said he could help, but I wouldn't like him for about 4 to 6 weeks after surgery then my opinion would change. The left knee was done October 2021 and the right knee was done February 2022.

Now I do not think about standing up. I love walking and can go miles and stairs are no issue. I can walk the golf course and play other sports (as I am older I have no plan to play anything to cause undue torque and undo Dr. J's incredible work - if you are still an athlete, I know there is a more extensive PT regimen that could get you there). Most importantly, NO PAIN! Another great side effect is better posture and much less back pain. The picture shows how much more aligned my bones are from ankle to hip.

Did I mention NO PAIN?! I have nothing but praise and blessings for Dr. J, his team and all involved. HSS is incredible in their amazing efficiency and staff. I would be remiss if I did not mention the PT at Phelps (5 minutes away), who also helped me get here!