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Lenny Montalto

Brooklyn, NY
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I was 54 at the time of my left hip replacement, nearing the end of my career. My hip pain had become increasingly more frequent. I was limping noticeably and the pain was increasing and sticking around longer. I tried cortisone shots for a year and decided to go for the operation after speaking to two friends. The first simply said the operation “will change your life”. A bold statement for sure. His wife had it done. The second friend told me of Dr. Inglis with high praise. After meeting with Dr. Inglis, I was put at ease with his credentials and his demeanor. Also, HSS is highly regarded to be the best. So, I am 10 months and one day with a new left hip. I can sleep! I used to not be able to sleep on my left side. I can walk long distance and hike without pain. Now that I am retired I do those activities often. In less then 3 months after the operation I went to a wedding and danced for a while. A little unsteady but nonetheless enjoying something that I LOVE to do, and didn’t feel like chopping my leg off that night because of the pain. Finally, I realized, through the absence of pain, that I was always on the edge as far as my mood. The pain although not overwhelming but mostly dull and constant put me in a bad mood or at least not to far from it. I am in the gym now enjoying the fruits of my labor, retired and grateful that this procedure exists and to Dr. Inglis and his staff. My life has been changed.