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Lenny Bowen

Middletown, NY
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I was injured on September 21, 2015 during a football practice for my high school varsity team. It was my senior year, and both football and the upcoming spring baseball season were to be very important for me for additional scholarships for entry into college. I was also in the nomination process for the Air Force Academy. Not thinking I hurt myself too badly, I walked off the field telling my teammates not to worry, that I would be back the next day. Well, the next day I couldn't bend my swollen knee. I had an MRI at a local orthopedic office and learned my ACL was torn. Obliterated.

With my parents, I researched doctors with the experience and skill in ACL injuries that was on par with hardcore athletics. We turned to Dr. Danyal Nawabi at Hospital for Special Surgery. We were able to read up on Dr. Nawabi and his love for sports and the love he has for healing the injuries that sometimes come with them. I knew with Dr. Nawabi that I was in perfect hands.

After surgery, I was a week post-op and had 86 percent bend in my knee, with no pain. I stuck to the schedule of therapy that Dr. Nawabi prescribed and was able to do everything I did before my injury in the time he had predicted. I was also ready for the Air Force Academy Prep when they accepted me this past April. I began basic training in July and started playing football with the prep in August. I cannot thank Dr. Nawabi and his amazing staff for the time they took to educate me and my family on everything I was going to experience from the moment we stepped into their door for my first appointment to this very moment. They follow up and truly care about my health and well being and progress. My family and I are extremely grateful for the experience at HSS. They treated us like family. (Go Air Force, beat Army, sink Navy!). Thank You Dr. Nawabi!