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Leigh Beer

Bronx, NY
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I came to Dr. O'Brien in 1993 with an unstable right knee after a failed ACL surgery from a surgeon at another hospital. This was a crushing disappointment after living with a torn ACL for 15 years, which severely limited my activities. I had been a competitive swimmer, springboard diver, gymnast, and all-around athlete. My knee had gotten so unstable that walking and bike riding was about all I could do at the age of 31.

Dr. O'Brien came with an excellent reputation for ACL revision surgeries, so I put my health and faith in his hands. It was the best decision I ever made. It took 3 surgeries over 5 years to correct all the damage from the original ACL surgery, but after that I was able to get back to a full active life again - scuba diving, golfing, competitive sailing and even surfing!

So when I injured my left knee during a sailing regatta last Spring, the only doctor I would trust to repair my knee was Dr. O'Brien, 20 years after my last surgery!! I'm happy to report that 3 months after surgery I was back on a surfboard, and a month after that I was racing on a sailboat at Heineken Regatta in St. Maarten where we clinched 2nd place in CSA 4!!