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Lee Miles

New York, NY
  • Lee Miles in the photo 1

By the time I met Dr. Friedrich Boettner at HSS, I had constant pain in my right hip, was limping badly and using a cane. My formerly active lifestyle of gym, sports, travel and photo tours had all but ended. Therapeutic measures no longer helped. Dr. Boettner gave me a clear evaluation of my condition and told me I was a candidate for the anterior approach total hip replacement. Most importantly, I left that appointment with a sense of trust and confidence to go forward. Dr. Boettner's staff and all the people at HSS helped and encouraged me in every possible way as I prepared for my first ever surgery.

My hip was replaced in the morning and I was assisted to get out of bed that same afternoon. That is when I had my "AHA Moment". Only a few hours after surgery I no longer had crippling hip pain. It was wonderful and amazing!

When I returned home I had in home and outside PT and continued to gain mobility more quickly than I ever expected. I needed very little medication.

When I had my two month follow up appointment with Dr. Boettner we smiled a lot because we both knew how successful my surgery and recovery were. Now each day is truly a gift as I get out of bed, walk without pain and resume life's activities. Many people have told me how remarkable my recovery has been. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Boettner for his extraordinary skill and care. I thank Dr. Boettner's staff and all the team at HSS for such a positive experience.