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Leah M.

Staten Island, NY
  • Leah M. in the photo 1

I was unable to walk for 4 months due to an injury that became an AMPS-related obstacle, which took a long time to officially diagnose. I hobbled around on crutches everywhere, from several doctor appointments, chorus performances, and even my sweet sixteen, until my parents finally found the help I needed through HSS. The fantastic Dr. Dodwell and Dr. Pan diagnosed my condition and sent me to pediatric rehabilitation.

After finally beginning my treatment at HSS, I was put under the care of Bridget and Lauren for PT and OT respectively, unsure of how long it would take to finally walk again without pain.

Within just one month, I was already running, jumping, and dancing at full function! The pain is now completely gone! I am back performing with my local theater group which is the highlight of my summer.

My parents and I can’t convey enough praise for Bridget and Lauren, who were virtual miracle workers. They excelled in their treatment, professionalism, respect, and they were just naturally friendly!

My father was also impressed with the entire facility, especially the entire department under the direction of Ms. Deborah Corradi-Scalise, including the other staff members that were observed, as well as the staff at their front desk, but Bridget and Lauren were nothing short of magic.

Thank you HSS!

- Leah M.